For this piece, I turned what I thought was a good summary of my Fashion Waste in Landfills quad into a hashtag. Hashtags float around so easily and are so popular on social media I felt it would be an easy way to spread the word. Social media is constantly expanding and revamping, I felt the best way to reach people was not through a flier on a billboard or printed on a shirt (though how ironic would that be) but on the internet amongst the memers and the instagrammers and the lurkers.

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Sustainable Survey


In my first post, “Why I, and Others, Should Care About Sustainable Fashion,” I challenged New York Times author Dana Thomas on her statement that changing the way the fashion industry works environmentally, rested on my generation’s shoulders. I said that I believed this was an issue for all ages to care about. So I decided to put that concept to the test. Do only people my age care about this topic? Or am I writing about something my parents can appreciate as well.

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Money or Morals? Environmental Manufacturing in the Fashion Industry

I tend to imagine the fashion industry as cutthroat. People always tell me it’s a competitive business, wish me luck in finding a job in the field, and wish me even more luck in getting a livable income. (Which for the record, are a things you should never say to a college student). To me, there two sides of the coin: Money and Morals.

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